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Brevard Property Appraiser diligently serving real estate valuation needs in Brevard County Florida:

We have LOCAL Experience in areas like Cape Canaveral - Canaveral Groves - Cocoa - Cocoa
Beach - Eau Gallie -East Central Florida - Indialantic - Indian Harbor Beach - Merritt Island - Melbourne - Melbourne Beach - Merritt Island - Mims - Palm Bay - Port Canaveral - Port St John - Rockledge -
Satellite Beach - Scottsmoor - Suntree -
Titusville - West Melbourne - Viera

Our phones are answered by people - not prompts!

Realtors set the Asking Price
Appraisers set the Realistic Value
Don't go with a BPO

Welcome, and "Thank You"
for visiting our Online Doorway To Real
Estate Appraisal and Insurance Field Services!

We are a leading provider of various types of real estate valuations in Florida. This web site is intended
to be both comprehensive and informative.

Our track record and experience helps you
(Our "BEST" Customer) to reduce time, effort
and costs associated with appraisals, valuations
and risk management. If you want personalized service......You've come to the right place!

We are recognized by both Lending and 
Insurance Underwriters
as a reliable source
to establish real estate values. Our unique
method for valuation is highly accurate and supportive. We employ a network of
appraisers throughout Florida to provide...

 First Class Service-Quality & Response.

"FHA-HUD Approved" Appraisal Products and Services;
    Including Primary & Secondary Mortgage Services
Pre-Sale & Listing Determinations and Valuations
Appraisal Reviews
Estate Planning & Settlement
Divorce Settlement
Foreclosure Transactions
Including Short Sales / Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure / "Cash For Keys" Programs
REO Held Property Valuations
Including Liquidations / Appraisal Reviews / Auctions
Tax Assessment Appeal Services
Eminent Domain & Condemnation
Date of Death Valuations


Community Associations

Insurers - Insurance Adjusters / Underwriters / Investigators

We provide insurance appraisals for community associations and insurers throughout Florida. These reports are accurate and to the point complying with governing regulations and statutes. These reports are for insurance purposes only and have no connection with the market value.

Our report features each building or site improvement within the association on it's own merit of value. We calculate square footages, observe construction types and quality and produce a professional easy-to-read and understand report fully accepted within the insurance industry.

We also provide an annual UPDATE SERVICE. Discounts are always offered on Insurance Updates.

In accordance with Florida Statutes, we do not consider depreciation for insurance appraisals. 

We are competent, properly and sufficiently qualified for these types of estimates.  

Including: Homeowner Associations / Condo Associations / Personal Residences

Computerized "Cost Estimators" / Cost Guides by
Marshall & Swift® Providing Accurate Assessment Costs (Frequent updates by zip code regarding


Extensive Knowledge & Experience in
Insurance based measurement.

Replacement Cost "NEW" Estimated Valuations.
(Residential & Commercial Reports)

"Actual Cash Value"-"Loss Settlement" Policy Evaluations

(ATTENTION: The Value of the Land is not
under this insurance valuation method)

Our computerized detailed floor-plan sketches with digital photo's showcase or verify determination & policy needs

We provide timely and accurate measuring
services that determine GLA / GFA
additional areas of the building improvement

County Records are often WRONG!
Independent VERIFICATION is often needed!

PERIMETER SKETCHING (Basic Floor Plan): This is
normally seen on a residential appraisal as a site sketch.
The exterior walls of a property are measured and
accurate "up to date" square footage is calculated. Interior
walls are not included, but internal rooms are labeled in
their approximate positions within the sketch. A
computerized sketch of the perimeter with
GLA / GFA dimensionalization is provided

FLOOR PLAN: Similar to the Perimeter Sketch, however
also includes the measuring and drawing of interior
walls, placement of appliances and notation of
additional features and amenities

"AS-BUILT" FLOOR PLAN: A detailed Floor Plan that
includes wall thickness and the accurate placement of
windows, doors, and other similar improvements

We provide "Cost To Cure" (Defect & Repair) Estimates, where the value is "SUBJECT TO" Repairs.

Cost Segregation Analysis

Loss Mitigation Valuations

Dispute Resolution Estimates - Surveys

Construction Loan & Draw Monitoring

Mapping & Aerial View Pictures in digital format

"Accredited Claims Adjusters" on staff to help
evaluate your estimation and measurement needs.

Use a Professional Experienced Appraiser to help establish value and reduce risk! 

There is a distinct difference between the the "Market
Approach" to value and the "Replacement Cost" value
(for insurable purposes). A typical real estate appraisal determines the "market" (approach to value) based on
sales comparables.  A typical replacement cost value is normally established for "insurable purposes" (loss
settlement/ACV basis).  Refer to the definition below.

How to confidently know that improvements to real estate are properly insured:

It is important to update insurable values...
(the loss settlement basis or actual cash value of most policies) in line with today's increase in building costs.

Most insurance companies now require a written valuation report before the renewal of (or underwriting of) a property casualty policy.

Updated and documented support in the
event of a catastrophic loss is "peace of mind" for both the property owner and the insurer.
It is prudent for both parties to know in
advance what the estimated "replacement cost" is.

Definition: Replacement Cost "New":

(For Insurable Purposes:)
A value, which is the estimated cost(s) to
construct (at current pricing), a building with utility equivalent, using modern materials, and current standard design and layout.
This is normally NOT a reproduction estimate (a reproduction is an exact duplicate or replica).

We are qualified Independent  "Accredited Claims Adjusters".

Florida Citizens Insurance



As both "DAILY" & "CAT" Claims Adjusters

Reports written to Citizens Property Insurance Guidelines as the standard in FL.

Insurance Work Samples available on request.

Ensure proper insurance coverage, process insurance mitigation and risk management through a Professionally Licensed Appraiser!

Citizens Property Insurance Corp. Minimum Requirements:

Any firm or key personnel developing inspection / valuation reports must have at least three years of proper experience in the field of property inspections, risk assessment, and property replacement cost evaluations.

There are specific valuation requirements / information, descriptions, and forms required for these type of reports and valuations.

Please call us for a quote, we'll get
it right the first time.

Note of Caution: 

Many unqualified inspectors are attempting to blur the definition of an appraisal. 

The State of Florida does not
license  inspectors.

A home inspector is not a qualified appraiser.

Our investment in training and technology
has helped our customers greatly reduce 
their risk and workload.

By offering online ordering, coupled with automatic status updates, and electronic delivery of the product, we are able to eliminate the run around and phone tag 
hassles associated with this process. 

  •   Short Turnaround Times 
  •   Top Rated - Quality Reports 
  •   Online Status Reports 
  •   Electronic Ordering And Delivery 
  •   Competitive Pricing

The power of great advice.

Information is Priceless! A Professional
Appraiser and their service(s) should save
you money and help evaluate risk.

A well written, properly researched and documented replacement cost report saves you time, effort and money in an unfortunate catastrophic event.

A Professional Appraiser should be your "eyes and ears" to real estate market fluxuations, 
and should be willing to take the time to educate as well as provide pertinent timely reports (based on Client needs).

In the long run, the Client is successful
because of the information provided.

We value being your "eyes and ears" in the field.

The real value to Property Risk Management is to "pay" the professionals with expertise in 
these technical areas of the marketplace.
Put the power of Teamwork behind you!

Give us a call, we'll gladly spend time
with you to earn your business!

Worth Appraising Makes YOUR Job
By Providing the Technology AND
Flexibility that Matches YOUR Needs!

We are a corporate body with certified licensees
(granted licenses) within the state of Florida
(properly qualified and insured) under jurisdiction of
Florida Statutes and the Florida Appraisal Board,
having permission to conduct appraisal business,
practices and services, including appraisal reviews
and consulting.  We perform appraisal reports under
current standards of the Uniformed Standards of
Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Call a Licensed Adjuster or Appraiser!
Worth Appraising, Inc.
(321) 690-0072

 Please click here to view copies of
Worth Appraising, Inc. Appraisers' Licenses.










 Through this web site, you can perform a number of
tasks. Ordering an appraisal is just a click away. Or,
spend some time and find out a bit more about
who we are. And check back frequently, as our
content is always being modified & updated.

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