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Measures and Conversions:

     * Areas of Plane Surfaces

    * Volume of Three-Dimensional Objects

            Useful Rules

    *  Signs & Symbols

    * The English Measure System

            Linear Measure

            Square Measure

            Cubic Measure

            Board Measure

            Measure of Angles & Arcs

            Nautical Measure

            Surveyor's - Land Measures

            Engineer's Chain

            Dry Measure - Grains, Fruit, etc.

            Liquid Measure

    * The Metric Measure System

            Measures of Length

            Measures of Surface

            Measures of Volume & Capacity

            Measures of Weight

            Miscellaneous Measures

            Conversion Factors for Measurement of Irrigation Water

    * Measurement of Water

            Formula for Measuring Irrigation Water

            Water Measure

    * Conversion TO Metric Measure

            Selected Conversions TO Metric Measures



                        Mass (Weight)

                        Capacity (Liquid Measure)

                        Capacity (Dry Measure)



    * Conversion FROM Metric Measure

            Selected Conversions FROM Metric Measures



                        Mass (Weight)

                        Capacity (Liquid Measure)

                        Capacity (Dry Measure)



    * U.S. Public Survey Diagram

            Township & Range


    * Energy Conversion Factors

            To Convert Into = Multiply by _____

    * Conversion of Chains to Rods & Feet

    * Cubic Contents Computation (Structure Diagram)

            Side View & Top View of Site Plan


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The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal (Fourth Edition) © The Appraisal Institute, Chicago, IL