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Brevard County Property Appraiser (Jim Ford):


  • Property Appraisers Job: To annually prepare an assessment tax roll on approximately 339,000 parcels of real property complying with Constitutional and specific State standards which is certified by the Florida Department of Revenue. Local taxing authority budgets are paid through this process of property valuation
  • Property Research: Search Public Records
  • Map Search: With aerial view technology & street maps
  • Maps & Data: Subdivisions-Plats-Section maps-GIS & data download-Special services
  • Tax Estimator & Tax Facts: Calculate estimate on ad Valorem tax based on Millage
  • “Save Our Homes”: A Constitutional cap on the Assessed Value of Your Home
  • How is Real Property Appraised: Florida Statutes
  • TRIM Notices: Notification of proposed amount of tax bill
  • Tangible Personal Property: Requirements to file return
  • Tax Deferral for Senior Citizens: Eligibility & application process
  • Tax Roll Calendar: Important Dates through the year

Brevard County Clerk of Court (Scott Ellis):


  • Official (Public) Record Search (with Images) by                        
    OR Book & Page
    Document Type:
    Clerk File Number
    Recorded Date
    Case Number 
  • Civil & Criminal Court(s)
    Traffic Court
    Jury Duty
    Wills & Probate
  • Tax Value Adjustment Board
  • Tax Auctions for Certificates & Deeds
  • Foreclosure Sales
  • Brevard County Government
    Advisory Boards 

 Brevard County Tax Collector (Rod Northcutt):

  • Ad Valorem & Non-Ad Valorem (Real Property) Taxes: Based on property values – paid in arrears. 
  • Taxing Authorities: Responsibility for setting Ad Valorem Millage rates 


Taxing Authority                                                        Telephone Number

BREVARD COUNTY (County Commissioners)                        (321) 633-2153

COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD                                         (321) 633-1000 ext. 600

ST. JOHNS RIVER WATER MANAGEMENT                             (386) 329-4500

FLORIDA INLAND NAVIGATION DISTRICT                             (561) 627-3386

MERRITT ISLAND LIBRARY                                                    (321) 455-1369

SEBASTIAN INLET DISTRICT                                                 (321) 724-5175

TI-CO AIRPORT AUTHORITY                                                  (321) 267-8780

CITY OF CAPE CANAVERAL                                                   (321) 868-1234

CITY OF COCOA                                                                     (321) 639-7550

CITY OF COCOA BEACH                                                         (321) 868-3245

TOWN OF INDIALANTIC                                                         (321) 723-2533

CITY OF INDIAN HARBOUR BEACH                                        (321) 773-3181

TOWN OF MALABAR                                                              (321) 727-7764

CITY OF MELBOURNE                                                            (321) 953-6220

TOWN OF MELBOURNE BEACH                                             (321) 724-5860

TOWN OF MELBOURNE VILLAGE                                          (321) 723-8300

CITY OF PALM BAY                                                                (321) 952-3411

TOWN OF PALM SHORES                                                      (321) 242-4555

CITY OF ROCKLEDGE                                                            (321) 690-3978

CITY OF SATELLITE BEACH                                                   (321) 773-4407

CITY OF TITUSVILLE                                                              (321) 383-5648

CITY OF WEST MELBOURNE                                    (321) 727-7700 Ext. 111

Town of GRANT-VALKARIA                                                    (321) 951-1380



  • Taxing Authorities: Responsibility for setting Non-Ad Valorem Millage rates 

Assessments collected within their own area include:

Barefoot Bay Recreation District

(772) 664-7020

Port Malabar Holiday Park

(321) 724-2240

Melbourne-Tillman Water Control District

(321) 723-7233

Baytree Community Development District

(954) 753-5841

Viera East Community Development District

(954) 753-5841

Port Malabar - Unit 55

(321) 952-6822


  • Installment Options: Taxes may be paid on an installment plan
  • Tax Deferral: Full and partial tax deferrals are available under certain conditions
  • Tangible Taxes: Personal Property Tax

  • Motor Vehicle – Vessel Tags & Titles: Tips to reduce your wait time

    Registration & Renewal

    Proof of Insurance required

    How to find the 5 digit insurance company code

    Fees & Renewal by mail

    Change of Address

    Vehicle Titling Info & Vehicle Identification Numbers

    Vehicle & Vessel Title pplication package

    DHSMV Forms

    Duplicate Florida title information

    Military Rates

    Surrendering Your License Plate

    Florida Specialty Tags

    History of Florida License Plates

    Organ Donor Program

                            Aircraft Owner/Purchaser Tax Info

                            Trailer Title / Registration Instruction Package

                            Dealers Section

·          Hunting & Fishing Licenses & Permits: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation


  • Boat Registration & Titles: Facts-Figures and FAQ’s
  • FORMS:
  • Florida Department Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle Forms

  • Intangible, Sales & Use, Corporate, Estate Tax Forms

  • Federal Tax Forms & Publications - IRS

  • Brevard County’s Census Figures: The years 1920 thru 2000
  • View Florida’s Historical Courthouses
  • Business Tax Info: Occupational Licensing & Business Tax Search

Cities Within Brevard: 


Cape Canaveral:




       Cick to Home                 


Cocoa Beach:                                           



Indian Harbour Beach:



 About Melbourne, Florida USA



Palm Bay:



Satellite Beach:





West Melbourne:




Town of Indialantic by the Sea.






Melbourne Beach:



Palm Shores:








Brevard County:


Departments & Offices:


Permitting & Enforcement:


Building Codes:


Law Library:


Land Development:

            Fee Schedules

            Right-of-Way / Easement Application

            Current Projects

            Revision Procedures

            IMPACT Fees         

            Detail Exhibits

            Engineering Inspections

            Water / Wastewater

            Subdivision Review Process           

            Site Plan Review


Planning & Zoning:


Code of Ordinances:





Parks & Recreation:







Public Schools:

Brevard Public Schools




Sheriff's Office:




Supervisor of Elections:




Brevard County Office of Emergency Management:







Barry University:


Brevard Community College:


Florida Institute of Technology:


Embry Riddle University:


Rollins College:


University of Central Florida:


Webster University:




Florida State Flag


State of Florida Government:


State Library & Archives:


Florida Senate:


Florida House:


Florida Legislature:


Florida Statutes:

                            Search Statutes

                            Florida Constitution

                            Laws of Florida

                            Legislative & Executive Lobbyists

                            Joint Legislative Committees


Department of Revenue:

            e-Services - Document Filing - Forms - Research Law - Seminars - Rates - Audits

           File and pay Taxes & Fees               

                     Property / Real Estate Legislation / Rules / Workshops / Amendments / Publications

                            Sales & Use Tax and/or solid waste surcharges

                            Child Support Services


Department of State Division of Corporations

            Document Search & E-Filing Services:



                            Limited Partnerships

                            Limited Liability Companies

                            Fictitious Names

                            Limited Liability & General Partnerships

                            Judgment Liens

                            Federal Lien Registrations


                            dba Florida Guide


Florida Department of Law Enforcement:


Florida Bar:


Florida State Courts:


Department of Health - Vital Records:

            "Certified" Birth & Death Records:

                                Marriage & Divorce Records:

                                                            Available for the following purposes:


                                                                    School Admission


                                                                    Proof of Citizenship

                                                                    Governmental Benefits



Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles:

                Online Services - Local Appointments

                            Driver License Checks - Courses - Handbook - Renewals

                            Motor Vehicle - Vessel - Mobile Home Checks - Registration Renewals

                            Motorcycle - HAZMAT Endorsement Info

                            Florida Highway Patrol


Office of the Governor: